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Email Robert Gibbs here About Our Elite Performance Youth Basketball Clinics For Boys and Girls Ages 12-17…These Camps Are Held During Spring and Summer In Victorville, Apple Valley, Hesperia and The Surrounding High Desert.

Elite Performance Athletics Basketball Camps for Boys and Girls

Elite Performance Athletics offers Spring and Summer Basketball Camps in the California High Desert (Apple Valley, Victorville, Hesperia) and the surrounding cities/states.

Training at our basketball camps include shooting, defense, court awareness in relationship to the Basketball and your player, and ball handling. Our main focus is always skill development. If you cannot handle the rock; trying to learn the rest of the game is a waste of time, and you are less effective.

Players (you) must be able to handle the basketball proficiently to perform in today’s fast paced style of play; dribbling, passing, receiving and protecting the ball are extremely important to your success.

Elite Performance Athletics emphasis is not on team plays; but geared more toward enhancing the individual player’s performance, with special focus on Basketball I.Q.

Elite Performance Athletics camps always stress attention to detail; to include confidence, leadership, attitude, balance, knowledge of the game, which we believe will help develop the athletes’ skill level; thus enabling the player (him/her) to execute the moves they will be practicing at the camps.

We cover, extensively Basketball I.Q. to include which moves to use when, where, and why and extensive court awareness in relation to where you are on the basketball court and the location that the help defender will be rotating from.

The pledge of Elite Performance Athletics is to provide our athletes (players) with the skills to build on their ball handling by learning lightning quick off the dribble one-on-one moves with a keen insight of the game.


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Basketball Camps

Basketball Camps
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